Tec Instructor


PADI Tec Instructor Course Phuket

Tec Instructor has a nice sound to it, especially if you’re a PADI Instructor interested in technical (tec) diving and ready to combine your interests. The Tec Instructor course is your entry into the tec diving world and your opportunity to join the PADI TecRec professional ranks. As a Tec Instructor, you’ll be qualified to conduct Discover Tec programs, teach the Tec 40 course and assist a Tec Deep Instructor with Tec 45 Diver courses (which is a great way to gain experience).

To Enroll In A Tec Instructor Course, You Must:

  • Be a renewed PADI Instructor
  • Be a PADI Enriched Air Diver
  • Be a PADI Enriched Air Instructor, or have completed a PADI Enriched Air Instructor course.
  • Be a PADI Deep Specialty Instructor, or have completed a PADI Deep Specialty Instructor course.
  • Have a minimum of 100 logged dives, with at least 20 enriched air dives, 25 dives deeper than 18 metres/60 feet and 15 dives deeper than 30 metres/100 feet.

Prior To Sending In Your Tec Instructor Application, You Must Also:

  • Be a renewed PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • Be a PADI Enriched Air Instructor
  • Be a PADI Deep Specialty Instructor
  • Be a Tec 45 Certified Diver
  • Have a minimum of 20 stage decompression dives
  • Have successfully completed the Tec Instructor course exams

What Will You Learn?

If you aren’t a certified tec diver, then your Tec Instructor course will include the entire Tec 40 and 45 Diver course. Part One of the course focuses on the knowledge and skills required for technical deep diving. Part Two fine-tunes your ability to conduct knowledge development, practical application and open water teaching segments. You’ll also go over the philosophy, organization and marketing considerations for technical diver training.

PADI Pro TEC Courses Price List

Diving ActivityDurationAgencyPrice
Tec Sidemount InstructorPADI25,000 THB
Tec InstructorPADI38,000 THB
Tec Deep InstructorPADI64,000 THB
Tec Trimix InstructorPADI69,500 THB