Anemone Reef


Hin Jom ( Submerged Rock, As It Translates )

Anemone Reef lies just below the waters surface, about 600 meters to the north of Shark Point. As the Thai name makes it clear, no part of the pinnacle is exposed, and under water the pinnacle drops off more dramatically to a depth of between 20-27 meters until reaching a bottom of sand and oyster shells.

Although not as colorful as Shark Point, the marine life here is excellent, and our friends the Leopard sharks, are often seen free-swimming at the top of the pinnacle in 6 meters of water.

  • Limestone Pinnacle
  • Gardens of Hard & Soft Corals
  • Tropicals, clownfish, lionfish
  • Moderate to Strong Currents
  • 10 to 20 Meters Visibility
  • All Levels of Divers

The english name for this dive site is derived from the profusion of Sea Anemone’s that cling to the edges providing a magnificent back drop of colour from the Sammler clown fish that make this their home. This site also acts as a haven to snappers and groupers and attracts larger game fish like tuna and jack, sometimes even larger pelagics can be seen passing by.

Location of both sites just south of Ao Phangnga and all of it’s fresh water rivers, means visibility averages around 10 meters, sometimes less during Phukets rainy season. Although conditions such as this are not what divers dream of when they think of the “perfect dive,” the amount of marine life more than makes up for it. On days when the water becomes gin clear, diving here feels like taking a breath of fresh air.