Discover Scuba Diving


Your First Steps Into A New World!

The PADI Discover Scuba Diving, is a program, it is not a certification! It is a introduction to scuba diving, for the non certified. The program gives you a chance to experience what scuba diving is all about.

Your Options

Pool Only11,000 THB
Rach Yai, Racha Noi35,500 THB

What Do I Do During The Program?

The program is two part, well actually three part! Firstly your PADI instructor, will go though a DSD flip chart with you. This will inform you, about how to breath underwater, how to equalize as you go down, and lastly explain the basic skills you will need to perform prior to go to deeper water.
The skills, there is only a few, will firstly be demonstrated to you underwater by your PADI instructor, one at a time.

The Instructor will then ask you with hand signals to complete the skill for them. Don’t worry if you don’t get it straight away, this is a learning process, the instructor will let you know what went wrong and how to over come it! All of these skills are conducted in shallow water, shallow enough to stand! Once the skills are completed, and all the high fives are done, your instructor will let you swim around, all the time helping you maintain your buoyancy. Once the Instructor is happy with your progress, you can then venture into deeper water and enjoy the underwater world!

Where Does The Program Take Place?

Here at Crystal Waves, we don’t just throw you on the boat and hope all goes well! First, we start with a briefing and skill practice in our on-site training pool. This gives you the opportunity to get comfortable and accustomed to the dive equipment and being underwater in a nice confined water environment . The following day, head out on our boat, and complete 2 open water dives!

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Discover scuba diving programs are the safest and easiest way to enjoy or try your first scuba dive, you will be safe, happy and loving every second of your underwater adventure!