Why did allison holker leave dwts?

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"It's because I really, really want to focus on the music and, you know, kind of be taken seriously a little bit," she explained to Ryan Seacrest at the time, though she didn't rule out returning in future seasons...which she then did in season eight, as her then-boyfriend country singer Chuck Wicks was a contestant ...

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Additionally, Why did Jennie Mae leave DWTS?

Jeannie Mai Opens Up About 'Near Life-Threatening' Abscess That Forced Her to Withdraw from DWTS. ... So when Mai, 41, was told that she would have to withdraw from Dancing with the Stars after being diagnosed with epiglottitis and suffering from a parapharyngeal abscess, she was "devastated."

Likewise, people ask, Why did Artem get cut from Dancing With the Stars?. "He was really depressed being cut, and it was really hard for him to get past it. And he then finally found a job right before COVID hit, then he lost it, and then it brought that depression back of not being a part of 'Dancing With the Stars.

Hereof, Is Allison Holker still on Dancing With the Stars?

Since her departure from the show after season 23, Holker says that she's been keeping up with her DWTS cast mates and still watches the show every season. ... Holker and her Dancing With the Stars partner Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds.

How long was Allison Holker on DWTS?

She is known from her appearances on the television dance competition So You Think You Can Dance, where she was a contestant in season 2 and an all-star in seasons 7–11 and 14.

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