What surgery has zara mcdermott had?

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Love Island star Zara McDermott has revealed she had breast augmentation surgery last November after losing weight in recent years. Zara McDermott has confirmed she had a boob job last year after losing nearly three stone in 17 months.

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Similarly, Does Zara McDermott have implants?

Love Island's Zara McDermott has confirmed on social media that she has had a boob reduction and implants. Opening up about the process on her YouTube channel Zara told fans that her boob job was "the most asked question [she's] ever got," and, in answer, yes she has.

Likewise, What operation did Zara have?. Zara McDermott has revealed that she underwent a boob job in November, but ended up suffering a painful abscess. The former Love Island star - who now stars on Made in Chelsea - announced that she went under the knife in a 16-minute video uploaded to her YouTube account on Thursday.

Keeping this in mind, Why did Zara get a boob job?

Zara went on to reveal that another reason for her surgery was due to the fact she has suffered with a medical in condition in her neck since she was 15. The reality personality explained that two discs in her neck are compressing a nerve which runs down to the hand.

Does Zara McDermott have lip filler?

Zara McDermott confirms she's never had lip fillers after cosmetic clinic snaps. Zara McDermott has advised that she's never had her lips performed regardless of hitting up a celeb cosmetic clinician prior to now.

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