What is the difference between alpha and bravo outdrives?

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Bravo One drives were built to handle more power than an Alpha One. When used for lower horsepower applications, they are practically bulletproof. Second, the Bravo One shifts better because it uses a cone-style clutch in its upper housing.

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Accordingly, Can you replace an alpha drive with a Bravo?

The trim pump for the Alpha drive also will work for the Bravo. It gets a little tricky because Alpha drives have the engine water pump located on the top of the lower unit. ... You just need the pump and brackets to mount it. You might also need a different pulley to drive the belt.

One may also ask, How do I know what MerCruiser drive I have?.
Locating MerCruiser Serial Number Tags
  1. Engine Serial Number: The serial number tag is located near the starter, by the flywheel housing; or, on the rocker arm or flame arrestor cover.
  2. Transom plates: The serial number tag is located on the inner transom plate inside the boat; or, on the upper swivel pin.

Hereof, Are MerCruiser outdrives interchangeable?

The outdrives offered by SEI are fully compatible and interchangeable with MerCruiser® outdrives.

What is an Alpha Drive?

Alpha Drive is a platform providing cloud-based data and tools for testing and validation of AI algorithms. Currently supporting the automotive industry and the CARLA Autonomous Driving Leaderboard.

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Is Alpha or Bravo better?

Bravo One drives were built to handle more power than an Alpha One. When used for lower horsepower applications, they are practically bulletproof. Second, the Bravo One shifts better because it uses a cone-style clutch in its upper housing.

Are alpha one outdrives good?

The Alpha One has earned a reputation as a value-priced outdrive propulsion system that delivers reliable speed. These factors combined make it a popular choice for budget conscious boaters that desire performance.

What is the difference between alpha 1 and Gen 2?

The Alpha Gen II upper and lower housings are fastened together with two through bolts on either side of the drive along with the front and rear bolts, while the Gen 1 drives use one stud visible on either side. Alpha Ones have two studs under the ventilation plate just above the prop.

How do I know if I have an Alpha One outdrive?

The Mercruiser Alpha One Generation I outdrive dating from 1972 through 1983 has a square upper gearcase cap with an eye attached to the 4 1/2-by-4 1/2-inch cap. The Alpha One dating from 1984 to 1992 has the same size upper gear case but lacks the lifting eye on top of the gear case cap.

How much horsepower will a alpha one handle?

Designed for boats capable of up to 65 mph and gas engines delivering up to 300hp and diesel engines up to 150hp.

What is a Bravo 3 outdrive?

Bravo 3 outdrives feature counter-rotating dual propellers that improve propulsion efficiency, speed, acceleration and handling on a boat. ... This innovative design eliminating wasted energy from the propeller wash and is capable of producing speeds of up to 65 mph for gas engines up to 525 HP.

Are all Alpha One Gen 2 lower units the same?

All Alpha I's Lower Unit (not the Pre Alpha with the lift ring/or the pre-load nipple on top of the shaft) are interchangeable. The difference in the gear ratio will be in the Upper Unit. Alpha I Gen II not interchangeable. Meaning a Alpha I upper unit and a Alpha I Gen II lower unit,put together.

Are Bravo 1 and Bravo 3 interchangeable?

Both are the same model from the same manufacturer. Both are the same price and have the same engine. The only difference is the drive. One has a Bravo One, the other, a Bravo Three, both made by Mercury.

How much does it cost to fix lower unit?

We checked around and found that replacing only the shaft would be close to $1,000 with labor, but other components could also be damaged. We looked at remanufactured lower units, but they cost $2,240.

How does a MerCruiser outdrive work?

The drive unit (outdrive) carries power from the inboard engine, typically mounted above the waterline, outboard through the transom and downward to the propeller below the waterline. ... The boat is steered by pivoting the outdrive, as on an outboard motor; no rudder is needed.

What is the purpose of dual props?

A dual-prop boat allows you to avoid the issue of the unwanted sideways movement called prop walk. Two propellers rotating in opposite directions -- the normal rotation for dual-prop boats -- cancel out the forces that pull your boat's stern away from a straight line.

What does Bravo mean in army?

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How do I tell what gear ratio my Bravo 3 has?

All Bravo drive unit gear ratios are identified on each drive in two places: A) The first place to look is on the decal on the port side of the drive housing. It will have a number such as (1.50R) and then the seal number.