How to use unhurriedly in a sentence?

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Unhurried sentence example
The restaurant's ambiance is peaceful and unhurried . We would like you to enjoy the serenity of the unhurried atmosphere that exists in these wilderness regions.

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Likewise, people ask, What does the word unhurriedly mean?

: not happening or done quickly or too quickly : relaxed and calm. See the full definition for unhurried in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

Herein, What is an unhurried person?. adjective. If you describe something as unhurried, you approve of it because it is relaxed and slow, and is not rushed or anxious. [approval] unhurried pace of life. Synonyms: leisurely, easy, slow, calm More Synonyms of unhurried.

In this manner, What is the meaning of unhurried activity?

relaxed and leisurely; without hurry or haste. “people strolling about in an unhurried way” “an unhurried walk” “spoke in a calm and unhurried voice” Synonyms: careful, deliberate, measured.

How do we use on and in?

English speakers use in to refer to a general, longer period of time, such as months, years, decades, or centuries. For example, we say “in April,” “in 2015” or “in the 21st century.” Moving to shorter, more specific periods of time, we use on to talk about particular days, dates, and holidays .

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How do you write per se?

Per se is handy when you need to single out a particular element of a bigger thing. So you might say, "The song, per se, wasn't a bad choice; it was your singing voice that was atrocious." In Latin it means "by itself." When you want to sound a little smart, inject a per se into what you're saying.

What do you call someone who is easily pleased?

Good-natured, adj. ... Affable, adj.

What does Unobstructive mean?

unobstructive in British English

(ˌʌnəbˈstrʌktɪv) adjective. not causing or constituting an obstruction.

What is a firm person?

adjective. If you describe someone as firm, you mean they behave in a way that shows that they are not going to change their mind, or that they are the person who is in control. She had to be firm with him. "I don't want to see you again." Synonyms: strict, unwavering, unswerving, unshakeable More Synonyms of firm.

What is a resolute person?

faithful, loyal, constant, staunch, steadfast, resolute mean firm in adherence to whatever one owes allegiance.

What does Reacting quickly mean?

plural noun [oft poss NOUN] Your reactions are your ability to move quickly in response to something, for example when you are in danger.

What does it mean to unchanging?

: constant, invariable unchanging beliefs. Other Words from unchanging Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About unchanging.

Is unrushed a word?

Characterized by an absence of haste; unhurried. 'The treatments at the Ocean Breeze health suite are exceptional, combined with the unrushed Cornish attitude. '

What does it mean to be venturesome?

1 : inclined to court or incur risk or danger : daring a venturesome investor. 2 : involving risk : hazardous a venturesome journey.

What is being self assured?

: having or showing confidence in yourself and your abilities.

What does ostensible mean in English?

1 : intended for display : open to view. 2 : being such in appearance : plausible rather than demonstrably true or real the ostensible purpose for the trip.

What does judicious use mean?

: having, using, or showing good judgment : wise The community deserves praise for its judicious use of water. Other Words from judicious. judiciously adverb.

What is a unobtrusive person?

(ʌnəbtrusɪv ) adjective. If you describe something or someone as unobtrusive, you mean that they are not easily noticed or do not draw attention to themselves.

Is being easily pleased a good thing?

No, being easily pleased doesn't negate our need for activism. Being easily pleased is delighting in the everyday wonders of being alive and choosing to appreciate what's before us, rather than disparage it. Be easily pleased seems like a wonderful way to approach life.

Who is not easily pleased by anything?

➡️Fastidious :- One who is not easily pleased by anything.

What is a word for not easily pleased?

If someone can't be satisfied, she is insatiable.

Is it per say or per se?

“per say” correct, everyone! It's not Latin itself that trips people up, per se, but it's the spelling of the dead language. When interwoven with our everyday speech, Latin usage sometimes allows us to say our ideas in a more sophisticated tone, but this sophistication crumbles if we spell it “per say.”

How do you use per correctly?

According to Oxford dictionary, per is a preposition and means: for each and by means of. While as per is a phrase, which means in accordance with.

Can you use per se in an essay?

Yes, although I would recommend using it only in its original meaning of "in or by itself or themselves". When it is used to mean "as such", it is just a buzzword. If you mean "as such", then write "as such".