How do you spell retorting?

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a severe, incisive, or witty reply, especially one that counters a first speaker's statement, argument, etc. the act of retorting.

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Herein, What is another word for retorts?

Some common synonyms of retort are answer, rejoinder, reply, and response. While all these words mean "something spoken, written, or done in return," retort implies a reaction to an implicit or explicit charge, criticism, or attack which contains a countercharge or counterattack.

Similarly, Has fostered meaning?. transitive verb. 1 : to give parental care to : nurture They are considering fostering a child. 2 : to promote the growth or development of : encourage fostered the college in its early years policies that foster competition.

Also question is, What is an example of a retort?

Retort is defined as to reply to something, often in a witty or sarcastic way that turns the comment back to the previous speaker. An example of retort is to talk back to someone making fun of another. ... An example of a retort is a what a person would say if they were mocking someone back who just mocked her.

What is the opposite word of retort?

retortnoun. Antonyms: concession, confession, acquiescence, acceptance. Synonyms: rejoinder, replicable, repartee, reciprocation, retaliation, reply, answer.

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What is rejoinder?

A rejoinder is a reply, especially a quick, witty, or critical one, to a question or remark. [formal] Synonyms: reply, answer, response, counter More Synonyms of rejoinder. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

Is belligerently a word?

Mean people are not cool. They go around acting belligerently, or being hostile and aggressive to others. No one likes a meanie. The word belligerently comes from the Latin belligerant meaning "waging war," which is in effect, what someone acting belligerently is doing.

Can a retort be a question?

A retort is a short, clever response to someone's comment or question. ... Today retort is used as both a noun and a verb, and both come from 16th- and 17th-century sources meaning "to twist or turn back." To retort is to make a comeback, or a quick, witty answer or remark.

Is the meaning of retort?

1 : to pay or hurl back : return retort an insult. 2a : to make a reply to. b : to say in reply. 3 : to answer (an argument) by a counter argument. intransitive verb.

What is a retort?

Retort, vessel used for distillation of substances that are placed inside and subjected to heat. The simple form of retort, used in some laboratories, is a glass or metal bulb having a long, curved spout through which the distillate may pass to enter a receiving vessel.

What is a foster brother called?

your foster brother is a male who is not a son of your parents but who is raised by your parents. synonyms: foster brother. type of: male, male person. a person who belongs to the sex that cannot have babies.

What does nuanced mean in English?

: having nuances : having or characterized by subtle and often appealingly complex qualities, aspects, or distinctions (as in character or tone) a nuanced performance Whenever the movie focusses on Van Doren and Goodwin and Stempel, it treats them as nuanced human beings.

What is a retort machine?

Sometimes also called an Autoclave or Sterilizer, a Retort is a pressure vessel used in the food manufacturing industry to “commercially sterilize” food after it has been placed into its container and the container has been hermetically sealed. More on commercial sterilization later.

What does drearily mean?

/ˈdrɪr. əl.i/ in a way that is boring and makes you feel unhappy: The second hour dragged by as drearily as the first. His creative writing was beginning to sound drearily predictable.

What is another word for Gaiter?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for gaiter, like: , puttee, boot, chaps, legging, overshoe, shoe, spat, slip on, undersuit and parka.

What does breaking down mean here?

1a : to cause to fall or collapse by breaking or shattering. b : to make ineffective break down legal barriers. 2a : to divide into parts or categories. b : to separate (something, such as a chemical compound) into simpler substances : decompose.

Does dissent mean disagreement?

To dissent is to publicly disagree with an official opinion or decision. Dissent is also a noun referring to public disagreement.

How do you use the word retort?

Retort sentence example
  1. She tried to think of a retort , but couldn't. ...
  2. She opened her mouth to retort but stopped. ...
  3. The retorts are charged with molten sulphur from an upper reservoir, which is kept at the requisite temperature by means of the lost heat of the retort fires.

What is the difference between retort and response?

is that retort is a sharp or witty reply, or one which turns an argument against its originator; a comeback or retort can be (chemistry) a flask with a rounded base and a long neck that is bent down and tapered, used to heat a liquid for distillation while response is (senseid)an answer or reply, or something in the ...

How are retort pouches made?

A retort pouch is constructed from a flexible metal-plastic laminate that is able to withstand the thermal processing used for sterilization. ... The pouch is then heated to 240-250 °F (116-121 °C) for several minutes under high pressure inside a retort or autoclave machine.

What does Insolable mean?

: incapable of being consoled : disconsolate.

Can people be belligerent?

If someone is belligerent, they're eager to fight. ... Belligerent comes from the Latin word bellum, for "war." You can use it to talk about actual wars — the nations taking part in a war are called belligerents — but usually belligerent describes a psychological disposition.

What does brusquely mean in English?

1 : markedly short and abrupt a brusque reply. 2 : blunt in manner or speech often to the point of ungracious harshness was brusque with the customers.

What is a belligerent drunk?

Some people, particularly younger folks, are adamant that the term belligerent means “drunk.” It's a misanalysis of the word, perhaps associating being intoxicated with being ready to fight.