Do hairdorables change color?

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Each doll includes one color-change accessory that, when placed in icy-cold water or subjected to cold temperatures, will change colors via thermochromatic means. The item's appearance will revert to standard looks with warm water or once the item warms back up to room temperature.

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Besides, Do Hairdorables Hair change color?

To change colors, dip the Color Reveal accessory (noted by a small label inside that accessory's compartment) in water and watch it change color.

Also to know, What is a Hairdorable?. Hairdorables: Each doll package is a surprise – just pull, peel, and reveal 11 accessories and fashions that unwrap the unique personality, style, and talent of the Hairdorables girl hidden inside!

In this regard, What comes with Hairdorables?

11 surprises inside! Each package includes 1 poseable Hairdorables doll, and 10 stylish surprises. Each package is a surprise – which Hairdorables girl will you unwrap?

Who created Hairdorables?

27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ - Just Play, a leading toy manufacturer, has appointed digital kids' network & studio, WildBrain, to create new original content and exclusively manage the global YouTube channel to support the launch of Just Play's new doll brand, Hairdorables.

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How many boxy Girl dolls are there?

The thrill of being surprised can continue as your kiddo tries to collect all 36 dolls, and they can swap outfits and accessories for each doll they unbox to create fashionable looks that are their own.

Can Hairdorables go in the bath?

Yes if you are careful and keep your eyes on their little parts, they are just like any Barbie doll Type. Do you find this helpful? Only if you don't mind ruining them. 0 of 1 found this helpful.

How tall are Hairdorables dolls?

Each of the fabulous and fully articulated Hairdorables Hairmazing Fashion Dolls stand 10.5 inches tall and are a must-have for any season.