About us

Crystal-Waves.com, as the name implies, provides answers to millions of questions on pretty much anything. These responses come from tens of thousands of reputable websites.

We're only a three-person team, but we're growing. We've discovered one topic that has remained unsolved through the years. During your day a question can pop up into your mind. "Is it possible to increase a ring size?" for example. We can now tell from experience that the need for a fast answer to a question like this is a product of human psychology.

Searching, on the other hand, will bring up a bunch of length articles. To find the answer to your query, you must first read the entire post. Many people don't have time to read whole papers or don't read them at all. We, on the other hand, place the answers to these questions "in a few lines" in front of the consumer right away. For instance, the answer to the preceding question is:

“Yes, rings can be scaled up or down to make them smaller or larger.... A ring with a thick shaft of 3mm or more, for example, can be successfully increased by four sizes. If the size of a ring smaller than 3mm is increased, it can become weaker after increasing size. The location of the stones in the ring is also a consideration when resizing it.

When tested for completeness, the above response is completely correct, as you can see.

We are also working to improve the consistency, relevance, and completeness of our responses.

We're not like famous rivals like Yahoo Answers, Quora, and other similar sites. While we will increasingly include community engagement in the future, our key inflection point is a desire to respond to questions in short, concise paragraphs. It shouldn't take more than 1-3 minutes to read our typical answer.

People are searching for answers on the spur of the moment these days because time is scarce. We believe that the user should be able to choose whether or not to read a more detailed response. As a result, in addition to receiving a brief relevant response, the user can click on the link next to each response to read all of the information on a particular subject.

Please let us know your thoughts through our contact us page if you have any suggestions for improving this or if you'd like us to add something. Thank you very much in advance!